Graphic Designer H/F Job at blindnet – Paris 11e (75)

We are a tech VC-backed startup operating from Paris and New York on a journey to transform the internet software industry and make data privacy protection a reality in every software application in the world.
The founding team includes an MIT graduate, an entrepreneur who is founding his second startup after successful exit, computer science PhDs and Software Engineers. The company is currently onboarding its first clients: internet platforms in healthcare, LegalTech, hospitality. Along the way, we are taking on mission-driven talented professionals with various skills to complete our dream-team!
The company is backed by a French Venture Capital fund who helped grow major French unicorns, a US Venture Capital fund who was one of the early investors of Pinterest, as well as prominent business angels. Blindnet is growing on both sides of the Atlantic, giving you the opportunity in the future to choose where you prefer to develop your career.
We are a multicultural startup and our first value is the respect of diversity between us, which is one of our most valuable assets. Our culture is therefore characterized by the appreciation of the other in all its forms.
Blindnet has a culture of sharing which is particularly suitable for learning. Onboarding with us now you’ll see all the phases of a startup’s exponential growth having the opportunity to learn tremendously.
If you have a pioneering spirit this is the job for you!

The mission

We believe that data privacy must be the number one priority without exceptions.
We are on a mission to build developer tools that will enable seamless integration of data encryption workflows and anonymity into any software application. We want that next generation software systems bring the highest level of data privacy protection for their users, by default.
To fulfill our mission we offer new building blocks (SDKs and APIs) to software developers allowing them to securely and privately capture and transfer sensitive user information without ever exposing it to any risk of misuse.

Exciting challenge

Traditionally in the software industry, securing user data and ensuring privacy of user communications
has been seen to come at a high price in terms of sacrificed user experience (validations codes,
unrememberable passwords, cumbersome key generator devices, etc.). Such a trade-off in
unacceptable in the 21st century, when security and privacy software components must integrate
seamlessly in the user’s workflow and support superior user experience.
You’ll work hand in hand with the product team and the marketing team and you’ll have a crucial role in the development of the visual identity of blindnet. This position will be key in our team, at the junction between Product and Marketing. You’ll “own” graphic design of the product with our technical team, but also of every other graphic elements through which blindnet communicates to its target audiences (brochures, websites, software documentation). The challenge for you will be to make blindnet shine within our product and on the market.
You are expected to have a talent for graphic design and a high work ethic of autonomy and reliability. You speak English and French.


We offer internship opportunities as well as mixed work/study contracts (fr. alternance). Preference will be given to candidates at final years of school looking to switch to a permanent job at the end of internship/alternance.

Durée du contrat : 6 mois

Job Types: Full-time, Internship

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Company Location:  Paris 11e (75)

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