Top Mobile CRM Software (2023)

Updated: December 15, 2023

Finding the right mobile CRM software to manage the ins and outs of your business is not easy. Especially when back-end work keeps piling up, managing the development team is getting too overwhelming and keeping an eye on data analytics reports is a blur right now, a mobile CRM app is more needed than ever.

The ever-evolving mobile CRM platform allows app owners to make task flows run smoothly, streamline your sales pipeline efficiently, and manage your customer relationship, as the name suggests, more seamlessly. Because every mobile app has its own challenges, mobile CRM software are typically customizable, and should adapt to how you operate in particular.

In this guide, we will walk you through the core features of a mobile CRM platform, and how it can massively improve the workflows of businesses in the app market. We’ll provide an overview of what exactly they do and how you can benefit from top mobile CRM software.

What is a mobile CRM?

A mobile customer relationship management (CRM) software is a technology that handles any interaction marketers and app owners have with your users. A typical mobile CRM usually comes in the form of a mobile app or a responsive web application, offering the core functionalities of CRM software, with a more easy access to them.

These platforms are highly compatible with integration systems and are programmed to handle user data, contact information and install stats, and provide an overview of app performance and metrics.

In more general terms, a mobile CRM enables the entire team behind your mobile app business to access and manage key components and data in real time, wherever they are and whenever they want. This makes it a useful tool that can help bring your product further in the market, with the ability to adapt to any new technology trends and any quick turnovers within the backend.

What does a mobile CRM software do?

Working with a mobile CRM software will basically do the heavy lifting for you, and take care of all of the tedious tasks an app owner would usually need to take care of all on their own. So, what does a mobile CRM software do exactly? Here some of the core features a mobile CRM app have:

Sales dashboard

A sales KPI dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of diagrams and charts that illustrate sales activity, key metrics and business objectives. Dashboards are usually interactive and easily accessible for further insights into data at your convenience.

Automation & integrations

With the ability to integrate and automate your mobile CRM software with other devices, you are able to keep your workflows optimized, and up and running even when you are on the move. This feature also makes sure you can share and transfer calendars, emails and social media seamlessly, by saving such information automatically to your CRM database.

Contact & task management

Because your users are at the heart of your app business, making sure to keep track of new users as well as existing users. You also want to understand who they are and how to adapt your campaigns accordingly, to attract and retain these users in the longer term too.

A task manager also allows you to keep track of any daily tasks and activities, and manage daily workflow, like creating reminders, or organizing and keeping record of contacts. This way you will not need to do these tasks manually, leaving it all up to your mobile CRM software.

Customization tools

Having a customized customer relationship management platform is integral to achieving your unique business needs. A company-specific software is just the thing you need to accommodate your individual needs as much as possible.

Analytics & reporting

As marketers and app owners, we know all too well how important it is to measure campaign performance and user behavior. But what to do if you have a million tasks on your plate and you don’t have the time to manually gather analytics data and jot them onto a spreadsheet to compare?

Enter mobile CRM software, where they will take on all of the reporting business on any data point you wish to collect, whether it be sales forecasting, average value, bounce rates, install rates and many more.

Types of mobile CRM software

Now that we understand how a mobile CRM platform operates, it is good to know the different types of top CRM software, so that you can understand which one would be most suitable to manage your app business when choosing from our list below.


Web-based mobile CRM software allows users to access their platforms though their device’s web browser. Therefore, no software installation is needed – simply log into the CRM system from anywhere with an internet connection.

With this type of mobile CRM, you will always have access to the latest system version, however, you will need to have a solid internet connection in order to use the core features of the CRM system, such as the GPS.

Native application

Native mobile CRM apps work on operating systems of smartphones, like iOS or Android. You do not need to be connected with the internet to access them, as they function offline as well, and load usually faster than web-based CRM systems.

The only con that comes with using native apps is that it may not work on your mobile device if it does not support its operating system. Some may also have limited features that are available offline. So, make sure to look for a mobile CRM that is responsive, adaptable, and that synchronizes easily and quickly.

Top Mobile CRM Software

What are Mobile CRM app benefits?

A business never sleeps. So, with your mobile app working around the clock, mobile CRM platforms are here to save the day. There are several benefits that come with working with a CRM system to manage the day-to-day tasks, setting your business up for long term success.

The inner features that top CRM software have to offer are always highly beneficial. So, let’s take a look at them.

Increased data accuracy

Because mobile CRM platforms allow all parties to insert data and access any procedures at all times, you are able to receive real-time information and updates. This makes data more timely, complete, and therefore, highly accurate.

Smoother processes

With the above feature of being able to input data instantly, reducing the risk of errors being made, makes mobile CRM software a very efficient platform that involves smoother processes.

Users have all of the information they are looking for, at any given place and time. Functionalities are more optimized this way and also more efficient.

Highly adaptable

Having CRM systems available on mobile is transforming operations on the backend side of things, adding an extra layer of efficiency and convenience with real-time data. The best CRM software is able to adapt to newer operating systems, making them widely accessible to app owners.

Enhanced user experience

Mobile CRMs are optimized for users so that they can retrieve information quickly and get speedy responses times. This response rate enhances the overall user experience, with immediate access to valuable data.

What to look for in the best mobile CRM solution?

While mobile CRM platforms promise to take all of the burden from app owners and marketers than come with marketing and managing a mobile app business, users can be disappointed if they don’t choose the right software that is built for their particular use case.

You want to look for suitable mobile CRM platforms that go the extra mile in offering additional features, like integrating data reporting and analytics, including marketing campaigns into the system too.

Let us dive into how to select the top mobile CRM software for your business and what to look out for when making your decision.

Supported operating system

Most people use smartphones these days, and the common mobile devices are Android or iPhone. So, choosing a mobile CRM that supports the operating system of your mobile device and that of your team’s should be a priority.

If you are using a device that uses a different system, you may need to limit your choice of mobile CRM software. However, the first thing is to prioritize a supportive integration system.

Suitable mobile CRM features

Like we discussed earlier, a typical mobile CRM platform offers the usual services, like scheduling meetings, managing tasks, keeping record of user contact information, and so on. But it is also wise to look for a CRM software that focuses on particular services that cater to your specific business needs.

For example, you may need a platform that helps you tweak efforts in a particular area, like user app engagement or customer acquisition. In this case, you would look for a CRM solution that includes these core features.

Valuable add-ons

While mobile CRMs should cater to your business needs and ideally have everything you and your team requires at hand, it can also integrate additional support to help you with your day-to-day tasks.

Additional support integrations and add-ons can include Gmail and Outlook for the sales team. So, you will be able to access these applications from the CRM platform, without having to manually open or update these tabs individually.

24/7 customer support

The best mobile CRMs out there may crash, require bug fixes from time to time, or can face some down time due to several technical reasons. So, it is best to choose a platform that offers around-the-clock customer and tech support.

A reliable customer support will make sure you can avoid any difficulties or hurdles you could face when working with a mobile CRM software. You will be able to contact them 24/7 to get things fixed and sorted, so you can continue to work on bringing your mobile app forward in the market.

Partner with a top mobile CRM software

There is a sea of mobile CRM platforms to choose from, with each varying in the services that they offer. Having a solid idea of what your mobile app business needs and the plans you have for it will determine what type of mobile CRM software will work best for you and your team.

We have carefully put together a list of top mobile CRM software to make the selection process easier for you, offering a plethora of software and platforms that suit your business goals and structure too.

Whether it is you prioritize an easy-to-use mobile CRM or a software with more third-party integration options, in our directory you will find just the platform for your mobile app.

List of top mobile CRM software and apps

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